How Real Estate Agents Can Add a Revenue Stream with Embedded Insurance

Real estate companies and agents are always glad to welcome new revenue opportunities in a tough, competitive environment. This is especially true when the macroeconomic environment is volatile. But how can they go about achieving these goals? Being open to newer partnerships and creative is a good first step. We at Bubble Insurance can lead you through simple yet effective ways to maximize your revenue stream without increasing your workload.

Today, times have changed, meaning real estate agents need to be more creative and establish solid partnerships to remain competitive. New revenue streams for real estate agents can include things like same-day referencing. However, embedded insurance offers a more lucrative revenue stream opportunity for real estate agents, and we at Bubble Insurance can show you how.

Revenue Streams Through Embedded Insurance

As a real estate agent, you must offer home buyers various products that will make them want to purchase a property quickly, including reasonable home insurance policies. Embedded home insurance allows homebuyers to purchase a home and life insurance easily, facilitating a faster home buying process. With the closing of each real estate listing, agents will be able to enjoy additional revenue, at no cost to themselves. Bubble insurance does all the work. 

Bubble Insurance uses data analytics to streamline the insurance processes, from instant quotes within the home purchase flow to ideal policies with the most appropriate, customized coverage. 

An Integrated Digital Insurance Solution

Bubble Insurance offers home buyers and owners easy-to-buy home, auto, and life insurance policies, by integrating them into their home/loan purchase process. Bundled policies are stickier, offer greater discounts, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Lenders, Credit Unions, real estate companies, and professionals alike will benefit from Bubble’s platform to increase sales, expand product offerings to clients (home insurance, life insurance, and auto insurance), and make the home purchase journey fast, transparent and efficient. To find out more about embedded insurance and other services, get in touch with Bubble Insurance here or call (833) 900 2822.

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