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Nobel economist Richard Thaler observed that people are predictably irrational, and do not always make rational decisions, even if they may be good for them. They need a nudge, at the right time, in the right way.

Guilty as charged. I know that I put off making some of the most important financial decisions of my life – forming a trust & will, getting a financial advisor, purchasing life insurance, to name a few – for longer than I should have. The only reassurance was that I was not alone – when I realized that nearly 43% of American adults do not have any life insurance coverage for their families. And another 18% take the shortest path by signing up with whatever their employers offer – often Group Life – which is rarely enough, and typically goes away when you change jobs.

The reasons surprised me even more. Many Americans believe life insurance is 3 to 5 times more expensive than it actually is. Most are never informed about life insurance. And for those that are, it is often through their financial advisors who typically enter their lives when they are older, by when, life policies have already got exponentially more expensive. Not to mention, getting a life insurance policy has never been easy – from answering pages upon pages of questions, to going through a blood test or health check, waiting days for an accurate quote, and going back and forth with your agent to finalize.

We figured it’s time to change all that. Make it simple – even fun – to get life insurance, when it makes most sense to us. Such as when we buy a home. Or think about getting married. Or start planning a family.

Bubble’s mission is exactly that – to be the simplest, easiest & most convenient way for people to protect themselves, their families & properties, for total peace of mind.We are launching Bubble with one of the most natural ways to secure your family’s future with life insurance – by seamlessly bundling it with home owner insurance when you buy a house or refinance your mortgage – often the largest financial transaction, and liability, for most of us.

Bubble will make it easy and quick to get an accurate quote for a bundled home and life insurance policy – tailored to your exact needs. And those that qualify can purchase it instantaneously without any hassle. Change your coverage as your life evolves. And best of all, set it and leave it – have your life insurance premium paid automatically with your home insurance premium, through your mortgage escrow account, so your policy never lapses accidentally.

Now you can sleep at ease in that beautiful home – knowing that both your family and your home are well protected.

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