Climate Change In Texas Is Real – How You Can Protect Your Home AND Wallet Against It

The impacts of climate change are here in Texas, and it is anticipated that these adverse effects will intensify in the upcoming decades. The majority of the state has seen a temperature increase of approximately half to one degree Fahrenheit over the past century. On one hand, the average rainfall in parts of the state has seen an increase and on the other hand, the soil is getting drier. Rainstorms are becoming more intense while floods are getting worse.

Texas is more susceptible to climate change. Between 2014 and 2022, 44% of the billion-dollar climate and weather disasters have impacted Texas. According to Andrew Dessler, a professor of atmospheric sciences at Texas A&M University, individuals are ill-equipped to handle the consequences of climate change.

Temperature in Continental US on May 9.
Source: Bloomberg

How climate change can affect your home and homeowners insurance?

In a nutshell, climate change can reduce coverage and increase premiums in your home insurance. Given how insurance companies are pulling out of giving coverage against known risks, you need to protect your home further with insurance and even preventive measures so you don’t need to make a claim.

What can you do immediately?

Fire-prone areas:

Add a metal roof

Use laminate instead of wood in the deck

Install a fire hose

Clear vegetation around the house

Flood-prone areas:

Install & maintain a sump pump

Water-proof the basement

Raise home using stilts

Install flood vents

Drought-prone areas:

Water the home’s foundation

Conserve water from rain and other water sources

Foundation piers to stabilize home

Install wall anchors and carbon fiber support

Hurricane and tornado-proof areas:

Install internal drains and sump pumps

Water-proof the basement

Clean & keep checking the gutters

Install downspouts to drain water

Freezing weather-prone areas:

Shovel snow & ice away from the home’s foundation

Install weather stripping for doors & windows

Use insulation around pipes to avoid freezing

Check for water leaks & install automatic water shut-off system

After taking care of all these preventive measures, it’s still advisable to get the right coverage for your home and belongings just to give yourself a cushion of financial protection.

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