How Bubble is Removing Friction from Real Estate Transactions

Over the past few decades, many industries, including real estate, have experienced significant uncertainty and change. These industries have had to re-evaluate their mode of operations to deal with the ongoing change confronting their industry. 

Although real estate technology platforms like Bubble have existed for quite some time now, they have recently joined the mainstream market. Such systems feature innovative technological products and services to facilitate effective virtual real estate transactions. 

For instance, Bubble removes all the back and forth involved in getting a suitable home insurance policy. Thanks to its cutting edge technology, proprietary data and analytics, and many reputable partnerships, consumers can easily and digitally apply for and purchase a comprehensive home insurance policy for their property.

How Does Bubble Work?

Lower expenses, more convenience, protected families, and, of course, delighted consumers benefit from embracing technology in the real estate industry. A new client, especially a young one, has significantly higher expectations than a consumer from a few decades back. If you are a real estate company with a younger target market, you understand the different needs they require to be met by their home insurance.

With Bubble’s AI, automation, and matching-pairing guiding algorithms, it is much easier for your customers to choose the best home insurance policies for their property. In much the same way that customers can buy travel insurance as they purchase an airline ticket or make a hotel reservation, Bubble will help your clients customize their policies and quotes that work for them. Likewise, they can apply for their selected policies online, get approved within minutes, and even receive claims faster.

Bubble has digitized the entire insurance cycle and provides responsive customer support to ensure that the post-purchase process goes smoothly. The platform also allows customers to add coverage in the future without any prior underwriting. All they have to do is lock in the health rating at the time of initial policy issuance. Thanks to the data and technology, Bubble puts together a better user experience and engaging and informative insurance products. 

Final Thoughts

Today, there is an insurance policy for everyone. However, real estate and mortgage companies struggle with making their insurance products available to everyone. Luckily, Bubble has come to the rescue. Our matching-pairing and AI algorithms make real estate products and transactions more accessible, faster, and simpler. For more information on Bubble, visit our partner page.

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