Texas Homeowner Insurance Market – Resolution & Summary (Part 2)

Bubble offers zip-level risk scores (Bubble HomeScore) to assist property buyers and owners comprehend local environmental risks. This aids in preemptively reducing claims and keeping insurance costs low.

The insurance sector aims to improve collaboration between carriers and states for rate adjustments. This involves refining geography-based underwriting, enhancing risk evaluation and pricing, and establishing a fair and adaptable regulatory system to ensure accessible and affordable home insurance.

Bottom line: Although the state’s Home Insurance Market is impacted, it’s not entirely inactive. Numerous insurance carriers are still offering coverage across various regions. Bubble is putting in significant effort to partner with more active carriers, including Travelers, now accessible through our website and licensed experts. Our list of carriers also features Safeco, Nationwide, Hippo, Lemonade, Foremost, and Annex Risk, each presenting distinct and specialized options.

While we offer a diverse range of top-rated carriers, there are still areas in the state where we struggle to provide competitive insurance options. Particularly in parts of the Dallas-Fort-Worth Metro area, risks of hail, wind, and lightning lead to substantial claims and higher premiums compared to places like El Paso. Bubble Insurance is actively striving to widen our home insurance offerings across all neighborhoods in the state. We achieve this through online and offline connections with carriers, utilizing data and analytics to pre-qualify and align customers with the best affordable choices.

Our research on the overall state of the market also suggests that due to various initiatives from stakeholders in one of the most critical housing markets in the country, the temporary restrictions by carriers in some parts of the state will be resolved to everybody’s satisfaction.

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