5 items on your checklist before you travel

Are you thinking about going on a vacation anytime soon? Good – you deserve that break. Now, besides the must-haves to pack for your holiday, have you thought about the must-dos for your home before you leave?  Homeowners insurance can take care of your home if you take care of it first.

5 items on your checklist before you travel
5 items on your checklist before you travel

Check your home insurance policy

Speaking of home insurance, before you go away, just have a look at the policy you have. We easily tend to forget what’s in our important documents. Check how much coverage you have, if it’s close to renewal, and if you have all things important covered  – like burglary, theft, identity theft, precious items, etc.

Lock up everything

Your jewelry, art, designer bags, and whatever else you know is expensive and precious to you, lock them all up. Don’t forget important documents like medical records, birth certificates, property deeds, and so on. Make sure they are all kept in a safe place in your home or in a safety box.

Test run the security system

Do you have a security alarm? Give it a test before you leave to travel. Make sure it’s working right. If there’s anything wrong, contact your security company and get the issue resolved before you leave on your holiday. In fact, if you need to add more security, now is the time.

Inform neighbors

We usually want to get away without anyone knowing of it. But for the sake of your home’s security, inform your neighbors that you will be away for a few days and that it’d be great if they kept a lookout for anything around your home.

Check, Clean up and Cover up before leaving

Make sure you clean every nook and corner of your home before you leave. That also includes the front and back yards, garage, roof, and patio, especially dead vegetation to prevent the spread of fire. Throw out or give away any food or vegetables lying around in the fridge. Make sure to check your appliances as well. Turn off everything that isn’t needed. Check taps and toilets for water leakage, and secure doors, windows, and outdoor furniture against storms.

With these few points in mind, you can have a peaceful holiday. If you are the kind who worries anyway, have a friend or family member drop by your home any chance they get. That way, you can be worry-free. With solid homeowners insurance coverage and being well-prepared for anything unforeseen that may come your way, you can have a great time wherever you go!

Go on – have a good time and don’t forget to get in the Bubble!

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