Here’s Why Marvin W. Chose Bubble To Protect His Home and Family

Whoever you are and wherever you are, protecting everything and everyone that matters to you should be on top of your to-do list. The most effective way of doing it is to add life insurance to your home insurance (you knew that). Now, it might sound like a long-drawn process, so you put it off for 6 months, and then another 6 months. This can go on till it’s too late. As in, really too late. That’s why Bubble is here to help make the end-to-end process of buying home and life insurance too easy and too convenient for you.

Marvin W., one of our first customers, believes it’s important to add life insurance to the purchase of home insurance. And the way Bubble makes it so easy to get bundled protection for your home and loved ones, buying both of them together is a no-brainer.

The US Census says that there are over 3.5 million truckers in the country. Being on the road away from family and home must be a tough drive. Life insurance is essential for everyone with a family, and even more so for truckers like Marvin.

Why did he buy Life Insurance along with Home Insurance?

“Home and life insurance are very important to me. I’m a career trucker who’s always on the move. I can’t always be home to take care of my family; America needs to keep on moving. I drive on the roads of uncertainty, where anything can happen and it usually does. Bubble insurance has become my security blanket against those worries. Being a new homeowner makes it essential to not only secure my family’s best interests while I’m here but just in case I’m not, I know my family will be OK. Thank you Bubble Insurance.” says Marvin W.

Security blanket. That’s exactly what Bubble provides – for your home as well as your loved ones. As Marvin puts it, anything can happen and it usually does. That should be enough of an alarm call for us in today’s times to safeguard our family’s financial future, as well as protect our home from any damage from natural perils. Bubble removes the complications and tediousness associated with insurance buying. It’s quick, easy, and online. And informative, transparent and a little fun.

As a young first-time homebuyer, what Marvin has to his advantage is that he has locked in a low premium on his life insurance for decades. To add to it, with PacificLife’s NEXT term life, he has even secured his health rating. This means, he can increase coverage without additional medical underwriting and the premium for the increased coverage will be calculated at the original locked-in health rating and age at the time of increase.

With Bubble’s easy & smart insurance, Marvin gets total assurance that his family will be OK. Get in the Bubble.

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