Our Story

Nobel economist Richard Thaler observed that people are predictably irrational  and do not always make rational decisions, even if they may be good for them. 

Guilty as charged. I know that I put off making some of the most important financial decisions of my life - forming a trust & will, getting a financial advisor, purchasing life insurance, to name a few - for longer than I should have. The only reassurance was that I was not alone - when I realized that nearly 43% of American adults do not have any life insurance coverage for their families. And another 18% take the shortest path by signing up with whatever their employers offer - often Group Life - which is rarely enough, and typically goes away when you change jobs.


Our Team

Bubble's founding team has decades of technology experience innovating solutions to help consumers, professionals and businesses... in domains as diverse as real estate & housing, digital & social marketing, urban & regional development, electronic & chip design, recruiting & hiring, insurance & financial services, and a whole lot more.

We are passionate about building simple, intuitive and lasting solutions to real world problems.

And along the way, we strive to bring smiles to people's faces... and peace & warmth to their hearts!


Meet The Team

Avi Gupta

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Founder & CEO

Serial tech entrepreneur with passion for using data, AI & software to simplify lives & delight users.

MS - UC Berkeley. Ph.D. Computer Science - Michigan Ann Arbor

Ashok Bardhan

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Founder & Chief Analytics Officer

Economist & data scientist. Expertise in financial services, technology & public policy.

Ph.D. Economics - UC Berkeley

Hrishikesh Kunte

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Product & growth hacker across Insurtech,

Foodtech, e-commerce & Classifieds.

BS Mechanical, MBA UC Berkeley

Shridhar Dhaiphule

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Technology geek. Solution architect.

Engineering leader.

B.E. Electronics. eMBA - I.I.M. India

Anil Chitale

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30-year insurance industry veteran and technology entrepreneur, ex-founder of STG & SVP Majesco.

Industry Consultant

Robert H. Edelstein

Prof. Emeritus UC Berkeley Haas Business, Co-Chair, Fisher Center for Real Estate & Urban Economics.