See why Home and
Life Insurance belong together

Bubble makes it just as easy to protect your life as it does to protect your home

Bubble Home Insurance
Bubble Home InsuranceHome Insurance
  • Bubble Home Insurance
    Personalized coverage

    Build your policy, your way

  • Bubble Home Insurance
    Deductible options and discounts

    More convenient than you think

  • Bubble Home Insurance
    Instant issuance

    Simpler process, quick policies

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Bubble Home Insurance
Bubble Auto InsuranceAuto Insurance
  • Bubble Home Insurance
    Smart coverage

    personalized to your needs

  • Bubble Home Insurance
    Deductible that fits your budge

    higher the deductible, low the premium

  • Bubble Home Insurance
    Money-saving discounts

    low rates & discounts to save you money

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Bubble Life Insurance
Bubble Life InsuranceLife Insurance
  • Bubble Life Insurance
    No medicals, real-time approvals

    Uncomplicated, peace of mind

  • Bubble Life Insurance
    Premium may cost less than your week's coffee

    More affordable than you think

  • Bubble Life Insurance
    Coverage that grows with you

    As modular as your kitchen

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Bubble Life InsuranceBubble Life InsuranceBubble Life InsuranceBubble Life InsuranceBubble Life InsuranceBubble Life InsuranceBubble Life InsuranceBubble Life Insurance
Bubble Life InsuranceBubble Life InsuranceBubble Life InsuranceBubble Life Insurance
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In 2000, Matt Widdows, founder of HomeSmart, believed that the real estate industry had been left behind in technology and systems to support real estate agents in their day to day business needs. Agents and their clients lived and communicated online and they now expected to find answers and resources at their fingertips. Matt wanted to combine traditional real estate concepts with innovation and a technology approach. This thought gave birth to the HomeSmart “low-fee, high-value” brokerage model.

Matt believed in the opportunities the real estate industry provided and wanted a brokerage model that welcomed every individual. His vision was to utilize technologies that supported systems and services to make both the agent and the brokerage successful. This approach would provide long-term growth and stability for the brokerage and ensure success for the agent.

“Low-fee, high-value” brokerage services has deeper meaning to our mission. It’s who we are and guides everything we do. See, anyone can charge low fees but it’s the way that we are able to consistently deliver high value that is the real “secret sauce” that makes HomeSmart special.

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What people are saying about Bubble

Craig S Verified UserRating

We just bought a house so getting tailor-fit home insurance was a top priority.

I liked that the associate I worked with was extremely knowledgeable and that we could tweak different factors I was looking for on a policy- more so than other brokers I had looked at such as Progressive.

Smart Insurance for Total Assurance

Bubble only works with highly rated partners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You need home insurance to protect your home and your personal belongings. Life insurance does the same for your family when you are not around anymore. Buying them together means being prepared for any contingency.
Sure, you can buy either one. But we strongly advise you to bundle them together for well-rounded protection for your loved ones.
At present you can only buy term policies at Bubble. We help you find the right term policy that you’re comfortable with and one that fits your budget. In future, we shall be offering many more products.
Our smart guidance platform takes into account your other financial responsibilities, your family circumstances and other factors to help you find the most appropriate coverage and term for your policy. The payout can help your family with mortgage payments, or children's college tuition, and they can be financially secure even when you are not there anymore. Plan your expenses right and you will be glad to have bought a policy.
No. In fact, Bubble partner carriers provide accelerated, fluidless, no-exam underwriting for close to half the applicants in the 25-45 age group.
Home insurance helps pay for lost or stolen personal belongings and for repairs or rebuilding your home in case of any damage caused by perils like theft, fire, flood, and so on. It may also cover hotel stay if your home is too damaged to live in.
Legally, it is possible to own a home without home insurance, but your mortgage provider may require that you buy it to protect their financial interests.
It used to be a complicated process years ago. Buying has now become simple, fast and easy with the help of technology and user journeys designed by companies, such as Bubble.