Life + Home Insurance

Digitally Bundled  

Protect Both Your Precious Ones

Bundling is smart, simplifies life & saves you money

Location matters

Crime & traffic, weather & pollution, jobs & schools, food supply & gyms, all affect your health & life, not just your home's safety.

Lifestyle matters

Cultural, behavioral, economic and social involvement shape your health and life, often much more than medical care.

Ease matters

From quoting, to purchasing, to paying premiums, to making changes and filing claims, bundling simplifies your life.

Money matters

Combining your home, location, lifestyle and health factors allows us to better personalize your policy and save your $.

The first-ever bundled life & home insurance for the digital you!

While your lender requires home insurance to cover themselves, Bubble protects your family from the unexpected.

Life is uncertain at any age

Average savings are not enough to cover mortgage

Life Insurance can protect your family for as little as 1% of total home expenses

*Assumes 20-year term life worth $500k, for healthy, under-40 adult, holding $350k mortgage


How healthy is your community?

Use this interactive map to zoom in to any county in the U.S. to understand some of the underlying factors that affect it's Health Score.


How we provide total peace of mind