10 December, 2020



We will require that the following information be submitted once we have been notified of a claim: Death Claim Form: The claimant is the person or entity who is claiming the death benefit under the Annuity Contract. If there is more than one beneficiary listed who is claiming the proceeds then each beneficiary must complete and sign a separate death claim form. This form is included in our death claim package sent once we are notified of a claim. Death Certificate: We require an original, certified death certificate from the county, city or state where the Annuitant passed away to be furnished with the signed death claim form. Only one death certificate is required regardless of the number of annuity contracts. Once the death claim is processed, the original death certificate will be returned. Annuity Contract: The contract should be sent with the above listed information. If the original contract is lost or otherwise unavailable then simply check the appropriate box on the death claim form. Any additional requirements will be stated in our letter included in the death claim package.