31 December, 2020



As a Lemonade policyholder you will have the right to select a "Giveback cause", hereby joining a virtual group of people who made the same selection. Lemonade uses each group’s premiums to pay their claims and expenses, giving back leftover money to their common cause. While the availability and amount of leftover money is subject to Lemonade’s discretion, and applicable insurance regulations, our stated intention is to calculate the amount of leftover money by subtracting from the group's collective premium, our flat fee, the costs of claims, a "rainy day fund" and other insurance expenses like reinsurance – and giving back what's left (up to 40% of the group’s premiums). Giveback is Lemonade's policy, and expression of intent, but it is not a contractual obligation to you, nor to the cause you selected. We reserve the right to suspend or amend the Giveback policy from time to time.